Aprilaire 213 Aiir Filter

Aprilaire 213 Air Filter

The Aprilaire 213 air filter is designed to trap contamination through high performance air filtering.

It is compatible with Apriaire Models 4200, 3210, 2210 and 1210. Plus the Models 2200 and 2120 if the Upgrade kit 1213 has been installed.

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Aprilaire 213 Air Filter offers a high performance and superior particle trapping ability. It is compatible with Aprilaire Models, 4200, 3210, 2210 and 1210. It will also fit the Models 2200 and 2120 if the 1213 upgrade kit has been fitted. The 213 Air Filter has a MERV 13 rating which is a testament to it’s effectiveness and performance. With standard use the filter need only be replaced once a year but if you own an Aprilaire 3210 Air Purifier the controller will also indicate when your filter should be changed.


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How It Works

The heart of any air purifier is its filter. If the filter gets too clogged and dirty, it will become inefficient and the purifier will not be able to maintain good indoor air quality.

Replace the filter at the right time to get the best performance from your purifier. It is also important to understand that changing filters too soon will not improve the performance of your purifier. Usually, the performance of a filter increases with use, reaches its peak and then slowly declines.

Depending on your model and usage pattern, the filter may need change every few months or may last up to a couple of years.

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It's All About Clean Air

The Aprilaire 213 is a high performance filter capable
of filteriing particles as small as 0.3 microns to truely
offer a pure air experience.

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About Aprilaire

Aprilaire is a leading brand in the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) segment and offers an impressive lineup of high-quality products. It focuses on four major IAQ product classes: temperature control, humidity control, air purity and ventilation. Temperature control products include conventional as well as Wi-Fi thermostats. For humidity control, the company offers high quality humidifiers, dehumidifiers and humidity controllers. The air purity segment consists of a range of whole-home air purifiers. The company also makes quality ventilation systems and consumables like replacement filters and water panels for all its products.

Research Products Corporation (RPC), the owner of the brand, has a long history in the American IAQ market. It came into existence in 1938 and has been in the IAQ segment ever since. Aprilaire was initially introduced as a brand for the company’s IAQ products. It was later converted into a subsidiary company. The initial focus was on humidifiers, especially whole-home humidifiers. The air purification and ventilation products were added later. Ever since they introduced the first truly working whole-home humidifier in 1954, the brand has been a true innovator in each of its product segments.

The reputation of the products and the success of the company are a result of its high quality standards and stress on innovation. The company comes up with new and improved models regularly thanks to its continued investment in research and product development. While new customers have access to the latest technology, older customers continue to get top quality support, upgrades and spares for their products. Competitors often imitate Aprilaire’s products to catch up, but have never managed to equal the brand’s products in quality or technology.

All Aprilaire products are manufactured in the US. Being US based, it is able to closely work with associations that set industry standards like the American Society of Heating Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) and Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Institute (ARI). Keeping up with the latest industrial standards allows products to work with air-conditioning and HVAC systems of other manufacturers. Products can also be sold, installed and serviced by licensed electrical contractors in the US.

The company’s large network of dealers and contractor partners in the US ensures that customers have no difficulty using its products. Spares and consumables of all products are available through the contractors or through authorized dealers. The company also sells user-installable components online.

Aprilaire products are superior, durable and give top performance if installed and operated correctly. They are perfect for people who give high priority to the comfort and health of their families. The products are designed with climatic conditions prevalent in the US and work very well in any part of the country.

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Easy Installation

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What Are Aprilaire 213 Owners Saying?

5 Star
I like that you only have to replace your filter once a year, and this filter does seem particularly well made. This has two advantages. First, you don’t have to remember to change your filter every 3 months. Second, over the long term you will save money if you are like me and used to buy the high quality filters that filter pollen and other extremely pollutants, allergens, and contaminants.


5 Star
Good as new and easy to replace. Nothing better than trashing an old dirty filter and knowing the air you are about to breather in your house is cleaner.


5 Star
What can you say about an air filter? It seems to be doing it’s intended job. The seller was prompt with the delivery and there were no problems. I will most likely use the seller again since the filter should be replaced periodically and I refuse to pay the exorbitant price being charged by the local retailer. Did I mention that Aprilaire’s price was about half of what the local retailer charges?

Joe W.

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